Sustainability at UCI

Sustainability is more than a ranking or achievement. It is commitment to taking care of our planet, and continuing to discover new ways to make the future brighter. UCI is doing a lot to make sure our campus is as green as possible.

Dance Crews

A question that I used to get all the time: what does it feel like going to a university without a football team? And my answer is always the same-- it’s fine, because I think we have something much cooler: dance crews!

How I Got Into Research

Starting UCI as a Biological Sciences major, research was all around me. Every class I would go to, professors would take a couple of minutes off of their lectures to talk about their research labs or projects.

Why I Chose UCI

I remember the stress of being a high school senior, anxiously awaiting the notification that you (think) will change your life forever. Here’s what I learned about that moment, and wish someone had told 18 year old me…

Secret Study Spots at UCI

While I don’t like studying, I do absolutely love going through the motions of studying. There is something incredibly therapeutic about pretending like you’re about to make some major progress in your to-do list…

Why UCI?

Students at UCI come from all sorts of places and circumstances before they end up in Irvine. I decided to ask some of my friends why they chose UCI…

Life as a First Year at UCI

For many, the thought of entering college can be pretty intimidating. However, first years here at UCI are thriving! Two of my residents, Kristein and Sadat, volunteered to be my victims for this blog…