Joyce Nguy

Hello, future, potential, current, and former Anteaters!!! My name is Joyce and I am a fourth year Political Science and Education Sciences double major from San Diego, California (the 619, not the 858 or 760). In my brief time at UCI, I have lived through the highs and the lows of college life, and I am honored to be able to share this with you!

Me, an Intellectual:

I am the undergraduate executive of Global Connect @ UCI, an organization in the School of Social Sciences that allows undergraduates to teach original Globalization and International Relations curriculum in high schools and middle schools around Orange County. Global Connect was my first involvement on campus, and I have been with them since winter quarter of my first year!

I am returning as a Residential Advisor (RA) for Mesa Court Housing for my second year as a single mom!!!

I am returning as a Campus Representative for UCI for another year! Catch me walking backwards - who knows, I might be giving you a tour! Tips not required, but accepted in the forms of pity laughter, blank stares, and Starbucks gift cards.

I am currently in the process of applying to a Fulbright in Taiwan through the Scholarship Opportunities Program at UCI, so my life is pretty hectic right about now.

I have participated in UCDC in the summer of 2017, and loved my summer internship in D.C. so much that I am writing this from a coffee shop in Downtown D.C.

I am dreading the start of writing my honors thesis in Political Science (social science majors do research too!)

I worked at the campus Jamba Juice for a year and a half - yes, I still go at least twice a week, and can tell what you ordered by smelling it.

Also Me:

Joyce, 20. First-gen Chinese American, can order dim sum but not much else. Loves heckin pupper memes. Can eat 15 plates of vegetables at the Anteatery. Goes to the gym to eat more at the Anteatery. Too short to be a Disney princess; must buy pass like all other commoners. Peaked when voted “Most Dramatic” in high school; listens exclusively to musical theatre soundtracks. Lived in D.C. two summers and just now learned how to ride the Metro alone. Zots too much. Pronounces “lmao” “luh-mow” out-loud and unironically. Sagittarius.

Follow me as I stumble through my crazy life and my endless zotting, and see why I have fallen in love with my Anteater family.

Zot Zot Zot,

Joyce Nguy

Instagram: @joycenguy, Facebook: Joyce Nguy