Jeremy Pfahler

Hello! My name is Jeremy Pfahler. I am a third year, double majoring in Criminology, Law, and Society and Education Sciences. Here at UCI I spend a lot of time focusing on my academics, both in class and studying outside of them; however, I also like to keep myself busy with some extracurricular involvements as well. Some of the things I take part in here at UCI are playing for the Men’s Club Volleyball team, volunteering with Camp Kesem, being a cadet in the US Army ROTC program, being a Campus Representative, and playing intramural sports. These involvements have helped take an excellent academic experience and have added a great social mix to it as well, especially since I have made most of my closest friends through these involvements.

I think that what showcases me the best is my diversity. Coming from a mixed family of Cuban, Japanese and German has taught me a lot of about the different cultures that I am from. I appreciate this diversity a lot and have allowed it to influence many of my current decisions in life. For me, being culturally diverse also led me to be very well rounded as I looked at becoming diverse in skills and learning as well. I love being active, so joining sports teams was a no-brainer for me, but I also love studying and reading about crime statistics. Being able to experience the world through many lenses and opportunities has always been my focus whether it be through a book, learning about something new in one of my Criminology courses, being active in a sport or going out and meeting new people through interaction as a Campus Representative. I look forward to involving myself more in the future as field study and research opportunities open up, as they will help mix and apply what I have learned socially and academically. I will always take an opportunity that provides insight and experience to better myself with knowledge and fitness. So what makes me…..well, me is that I embrace my cultural diversity, and try to be a diverse and active participant in life.

If any of you want to see how I participate in life follow me @pfahlafflecopter on Instagram!