Jaimie Joo


Hi there!

My name is Jaimie, and I’m a MA student in Art History.

I graduated just last spring (Class of 2018!) and I’ll be coming back to UCI in the fall to complete the 4+1 Art History program, where I’ll receive my Masters degree with just one extra year of study. I loved my time as an undergraduate, and I’m excited to experience anteater life as a graduate student too!

When I was an undergrad, I was lucky enough to be involved with a lot of organizations. I was a campus representative (or a tour guide), a peer academic advisor for the School of Humanities, and a member of the Humanities Honors Program, where I completed a senior thesis. I majored in Art History and I minored in English. I’m also a first generation Korean-American, and the first in the family to be getting their Master's degree.

Here’s some facts to break the ice and get to know me.

  • My favorite color is sparkles!

  • I’m a big, big fan of stationary (maybe I’ll write a post about that in the future!)

  • Skincare is my favorite form of self care.

  • I’m a big Disney nerd and I was an annual passholder during my senior year.

  • My favorite television show is Bojack Horseman. I’m watching it as I’m writing this!

I’m super excited to be writing for y’all this year, and I hope that anything I write can be of service to you, dear reader, even if just a little bit. I still remember the anxiety before I started my freshman year, and all the hazy summer days I spent researching what college was like, and all the restless nights I couldn’t go to sleep because I was thinking about what I would be like in college. It’s very cliché, and this is probably something you’ll hear a lot when you’re in school but college is really what you make of it. I’m happy with how my undergraduate years turned out, and I wish you the best of luck as you navigate these next couple of years!


Also I’m dropping my ig handle in case you wanna… y’know, follow me or something.