Charli Arhart

Hi guys! My name is Charli and I’m currently in my second year, double-majoring in Literary Journalism and Sociology. I’m from Glendora, California, so I’m a So-Cal native.

This year, this blog is my baby. Through the Administrative Internship Program here at UCI, I received the opportunity to work as an intern for Joseph Hornig, the Marketing Communications Manager for Undergraduate Admissions, who basically presented me with the idea of starting up a student-run UCI blog and let me run with it. So this year, I have the INCREDIBLE opportunity of being the Editor-in-Chief (for lack of a more-fitting term) and working with a bunch of incredible writers for this blog and I am so excited to share it with all of you!!!

Before I get to the reasons I cannot wait to share everything we have in store for this blog with you guys, let me tell you a little bit about myself:

  • In addition to this internship (which I found out about and got the opportunity to take part in because of my INCREDIBLE first year RA Vanessa Hsia - go Mariposa 2!!), I work at Starbucks in Paul Merage Business School - come visit and get some coffee!


  • My friends and family are actually the greatest people in the world.

  • I am music’s biggest fan. I love to sing and play the guitar and I have a playlist for pretty much every mood; you can follow them here on Spotify!!! Shameless self promo.

  • I love to write. Since I was little, I’ve just had a knack and passion for it. So it probably isn’t surprising that this was my top choice for an internship - I get to write and edit and work with a bunch of incredibly creative people. It totally prepares me for what I hope to do in my future career.

  • I’ve been a concert junkie since I was, like, 10. Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers started it all.

  • I love dogs AND cats. And giraffes and polar bears, but I can’t keep them as pets :(

  • I live for sunsets. I believe that everyone needs to make more effort to watch more sunsets.

  • I chose UCI because the beach is home to me. Head to 31st street in Newport Beach and you’ll probably find me and my bestie/wifey Katie there..

  • I have an unusual and never-ending craving for chipotle.

  • I’m the biggest people person ever. Here are some (and definitely not all) of my favorite people in the world:

Okay so I could probably go on listing off all of the things I love and everything I think makes me me, but that would take way too long. In sum, my life motto is yolo. Truly though, I do my best to make the most of every single day because life’s short, and you never know which day will be your last. Sometimes life can suck, but most of the time it’s really freakin’ awesome.

I hope, with this blog, you’ll all be able to get a much more detailed glimpse of just how awesome everyday life at UCI is from the perspective actual UCI students. We want this blog to be a place where any prospective, current or former student can get reliable, relatable information about everything college- and UCI-related from us - students who have been there and done that.

If you read this far, you rock. Remember: yolo.