Alexis Cormier

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Hey y’all! First off, I want to thank you for joining me on my blog! Not only am I excited to continue onto the remaining half of my college journey, I’m also just as excited to share all of my experiences, knowledge and UCI’s awesomeness with all of you!

Second, before I get ahead of myself, let me properly introduce whose blog you’re reading:

My name is Alexis Cormier and I’m a 3rd year Literary Journalism major and Film and Media Studies minor here at UC Irvine. I’m originally from San Diego, where the beach and taco shop Mexican food are the essentials. But aside from that, other activities that I enjoy doing are things such as hiking, reading, cooking (especially breakfast foods!), volunteering and trying new restaurants and coffee shops. (FYI, for any foodies out there, Irvine is a great place to explore your various cuisines!)

Since coming to UCI, some of my best memories have been made through my involvements around campus and the abundance of amazing people I’ve come to know along the way. Tapping into one of my passions of women empowerment, I volunteer with a campus organization called Womxn and Youth Supporting Each Other, or WYSE, where myself and other UCI women mentor 8th grade girls in Santa Ana and provide lessons in sex education, self-confidence, financial literacy and much more! I also had the honor of participating in this year’s showing of The Vagina Monologues, an annual student-run show that celebrates female sexuality and fights gender-based violence. The next quarter, my friendship with the director led me to joining Greek Life and becoming a member of Alpha Chi Omega, one of many of UCI’s sororities, where our philanthropy helps bring awareness to domestic abuse and empower women always.

Getting involved socially was also what opened my mind up to do more for not only the Orange County community, but to give back to UCI’s campus and future Anteaters. Although I’ve had campus jobs before, none of them are close to becoming a Campus Representative for UCI. Mainly a tour guide for visitors and prospective UCI students, I love telling people all about UCI and what it has to offer as a university and a home for college students. I also will be working as a Resident Advisor for first year students in the Middle Earth dorm for the 2018-19 school year and I’m so excited for what’s to come!

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As a SoCal native, making the choice to come to UCI wasn’t a difficult one. Truth be told, I just loved my home too much. I couldn’t see myself parting with the warm weather, accessible beaches and year-round flip flop wearing. However, the independence of college was also calling my name. UCI was the solution to both of those dilemmas. Two years in and I have no regrets!

I know as an incoming student, you’re probably going to have so many questions and it is perfectly okay. Starting college is exciting and fun and at the same time, can also be a little confusing and overwhelming. I just hope that my blog, along with my other fellow bloggers, can be a helping resource in navigating your way into your new home. Zot, zot, zot!